Abacus Analytics & Advertising Agency Columbus, Ohio

  • Are you looking for an advertising agency?
  • Do you already have a profitable, online presence?

We are a digital marketing and online advertising agency. We focus on digital marketing because it can be easily measured and attributted.


We like to track everything that matters.

  • How much did I sell online? Where did those sales come from?
  • How many calls came in? From which campaigns?
  • How many people submitted a contact form?
  • Where am I losing people who visit my site?
  • How long does it take my site to load for a visitor on a mobile device?
  • Can my site be more secure (security best-practices)?

    We are Abacus Analytics & Advertising Agency.

    • Our office is in downtown Columbus, right next to the Columbus Commons.
    • We specialize in digital marketing and measurement.
    • We insist on websites that are performant and secure.
    • We focus on marketing and advertising that we can track and measure the outcomes.


By tracking actions and outcomes of online marketing efforts from the first visit to the final conversion, we help buinesses understand which marketing efforts are effective and which are wasteful.


We deliberately and thoroughly collect data that is important to business outcomes.

We use a custom implementation of analytics, conversion tracking, tag management, remarkteing and reporting that will help you understand what the big picture looks like quickly but allow you to explore the nuances of the data at any time.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is our prefered platform for the collection of analytics data from websites and mobile applications.

Google AdWords

Due to AdWords tight integration with Google Analytics, and it's extensive reach (two-thirds to three-quarters or U.S. search traffic and something like 95% of people with an internet connection [on Google Display Network]), AdWords is one of our primary advertising channels.