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For the sake of efficiency, we're going to make a few assumptions:

  • You live in, or around, Ohio.
  • You are looking for an advertising agency.
  • You are slightly surprised by ending up on this site.

Perhaps you'd consider us to be your next advertising and marketing agency:

    Abacus Analytics & Advertising Agency.

    • Our office is in downtown Columbus, right next to the Columbus Commons.
    • We specialize in digital marketing and measurement.
    • We focus on marketing and advertising that we can track and measure the outcomes.

Loren/Allan/Odiosio Advertising

Loren/Allan/Odiosio Advertising was an advertising agency in Cincinnati, Ohio at:

120 E 4th St
Cincinnati OH 45202
(513) 241-2009

Apparently they were bought by Freedman Gibson White (which is also now defunct). At some point, after the purchase,, was allowed to lapse (perhaps when FGW went under?).

The company had some really nice coverage on That article alone was enough for us to feel it was worth spending the $10 a year it costs to register the domain.

Amity Unlimited Inc

Amity Unlimited Inc was based in Cincinnati at:

531 N. Wayne Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45215
(513) 554-4500

As you can see from the image below (from Google Maps streetview) the buidling they were in now looks pretty empty.

screenshot from Google Maps Streetview of 531 N Wayne Ave, a vacant building

When reviewing local (Ohio) companies with domains that might be valuable to us, this website was one of the first domains on the list due to the variety of what they did, which it seems was primarily related to direct mail and list buidling.

Bohman Marketing & Communications

Bohman Marketing & Communications was based in Powell, Ohio, a suburb on the Northwest end of Columbus at:

725 Woods Hollow Lane
Powell OH 43065
(614) 888-3297

It seems their primary link building strategy consisted of getting links from niche-directories (within their industry). Perhaps they over did it and incurred a penalty from Google.

Either way, as time has passed most of their more than 1,500 links (from over 500 domains) have withered away (perhaps they were paid) to a much more reasonable 50 links, most of which are branded or naked URL only, from 26 different domains.

Since I haven't listed my site with many directories, I figured this site would make a nice addition for the diversity of it's profile.